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Shopping Partners

Click here for a downloadable flyer about our Shopping Partners program.

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Support our Tallenettes while you shop at Kroger! Through the Kroger Community Rewards Program,

Kroger is dedicating $1.5 million to assist local non-profit organizations. Based on a percentage of our

spending, Allen Tallenettes Booster Club raises funds with every eligible purchase using your Kroger Plus

card that is linked to our club. No fees to sign up.

Note enrollment is no longer available at the store.

  1. Sign in or create an account at

  2. Click “My Account” (under Profile icon), click “Community Rewards” (on left side of screen)

  3. Enter organization # “JS088” (last three characters are numbers) or search ‘Allen Tallenettes Booster Club’, then “Enroll.”

This is a huge opportunity to provide our girls with much needed resources for costumes, clinics, choreographers, props & more.

Enjoy the many benefits such as discounted prices, digital coupons, fuel points for savings at the pump and quarterly checks for

our ATBC. Get enrolled today to have your purchases work for your daughter’s team!

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Tom Thumb will donate 1% of your eligible grocery purchases to Allen Tallenettes Booster Club.

Simply fill out the form at:

and either email it to OR return it to Tom Thumb’s Customer Service Desk.

The number for Allen Tallenettes Booster Club to use is # 13967.


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Shop Amazon?

AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your purchase to our booster club. Start your shopping

using the link below, and you’ll be able to connect your Amazon account to our club.

Note that AmazonSmile does not work on the Amazon App.

Use the link below, create a bookmark in your web browser, & share with your friends & family!




ATBC Shopping Partners Chairman