Allen Silver Stars Dance Team

Open to incoming 9th-12th graders


  • 8th grade students will need to complete their freshman year of high school before trying out for Tallenettes

  • Silver Stars is not the pre-requisite for Tallenette auditions, but is highly recommended

  • May receive a P.E. or Fine Arts credit

Silver Star Auditions

  • The mandatory tryout meeting w/ candidate and one parent/guardian on Tuesday, 10/30 at 7pm in the Allen HS Library

  • Auditions will be held the week after Tallenette auditions

  • Auditions are open to 8th-11th graders

  • The audition clinic will be on Wednesday, 12/5 from 5:30-7pm in the Allen Dance Studio. Candidates will learn a studio jazz combination and kick across the floor

  • The audition will be on Thursday, 12/6 from 5:30-7pm in the Allen Dance Studio

  • Audition required- up to 40-50 candidates will make the team

  • The audition will be judged by the Tallenette Directors

Time requirements

  • One week of summer camp at Lowery/Allen

  • Zero hour before school rehearsal

  • One class period during the day at Allen with the Tallenette Director & Assistant Director (freshman will take the shuttle over to Allen for the class period)

Mandatory performances (dates & times will be publicized as soon as the football schedule/school calendar is released)

  • 2 freshman OR JV football games

  • 1 Varsity football game/performance with Tallenettes

  • Freshman Pep Rallie(s) *if you are a freshman  Silver Star*

  • Winter Dance Concert

  • Tallenette Showcase

Mandatory Summer Camps:

  • The first 3 day camp will be held in May. The Stars will learn studio combinations along with getting sized for the year

  • The next one will be held in July in the Lowery Dance studio

  • Silver Stars will assist with arts and crafts at Tallenette Summer Dance Camp

  • All Silver Stars will attend an additional mandatory Summer Camp to prepare for the fall performances: The one week camp will be in early August Monday-Friday 9am-4pm in the Lowery Dance Studio

Fall Semester & Zero Hour (before school):

  • There will be 2 mandatory rehearsals/tutorials before school each week from 7:15am-8:00am

  • In the dance class during the school day, Silver Stars will all be at Allen HS to work on dance & kick technique to prepare for Tallenette auditions, polish & prepare for upcoming performances, and receive personalized critiques to prepare all candidates for a successful audition

  • Dancers will be challenged based on their level of dance training (the class will split into beginner/intermediate & advanced) so that all students are maximizing their full potential

Spring Semester:

  • The Stars that do make Tallenettes will transition into our Newbie Tallenette class during the same period with the Tallenette Director at Allen HS. Students who do not make the team, will continue their dance training with the assistant dance director

Financial Commitment:

Every Star will pay approximately $250-$300 for the following items:

  • Black High Waist Leggings

  • Tan Jazz Shoes

  • Body Tights

  • 2 Rehearsal Tops

  • Twylas

  • Nike Pro 5” Training Shorts

  • Lipsense


Contact Tallenette Director, Sarah Pilukaitis: