Tallenette Audition Skills Checklist

Auditions are Open to current 9th-11th graders

(8th graders are encouraged to join Silver Stars for one year prior to auditioning for Tallenettes)

Important Dates:

  • Tallenette Prep Clinics- Saturday, September 22nd & October 20th

  • Mandatory Tryout Meeting October 30th- 5:30pm- Allen HS Library


skills you need to focus on to prepare for auditions:


  • Pirouettes (multiple turns on each side (doubles or triples)

  • Chaine turns

  • Pique turns

  • Inside pirouettes

  • Coupe turns (double or triple)

  • Fouettes/Turns in Second

  • Need to have all turns on right and left with correct technique: spotting, use of releve, passe placement, and turn out are all very important. **Fouette/Second turns will only be done on the right**


  • Jete (brush leap & developpe)

  • Calypso leap

  • Russian / leap in 2nd

  • Tilt

  • Turning Russian

  • Need to have leaps on both right and left with correct technique!


  • Kicks should be well above shoulder height, with straight knees and pointed ankles and toes. Work on your stamina, strength, and endurance. Stretch and kick every day between now and tryouts!


  • Right and left with correct alignment (square hips and pointed feet)

Physical Fitness

  • You need to be in shape and have a high level of fitness. We suggest stretching and conditioning your body every day to prepare for auditions. The better shape you are in before try-outs, the easier the process will be for you!


What can I work on before Tallenette tryouts?

  • It is very helpful to take at least one dance class outside of school. Jazz, ballet, and drill prep. Classes will help you keep up and improve your technique before tryouts. It is crucial that all of these advanced technical skills previously listed are executed with proper technique. If you want information on studios or classes please talk to Mrs. Pilukaitis.


  • Stretch everyday! Push yourself to become more flexible. This will translate into higher leaps and kicks which will really help you out in tryouts! Flexibility is a process, and it won’t come automatically overnight. You must push yourself consistently, but you will see improvement the more you work at it!


  • Strengthen your feet! Having a strong solid toe point with correct alignment is one important thing we look for. Be sure to always stretch out the tops of your feet and look for exercises that strengthen your feet and ankles. Ballet is great for this! You can also purchase an elastic resistance band and look up exercises designed to strengthen your feet and ankles.


  • Practice your turns! A strong spot and a solid center will help you become more successful with multiple turns. Practice your turn technique on your own on a regular basis. Strengthen your abs through crunches and other abdominal work. The stronger your core is the better you will turn!


  • Kick, kick, kick! Practicing your kick technique is a great way to build stamina and endurance while pushing your flexibility. After a good long stretch, practice several sets of exercise kicks, jump kicks, and fan kicks. Get together with a friend or two and kick together or use a doorframe for support. When kicking, make sure your chest is lifted and that you are not “hunching” forward as your leg comes up. Feet should always be parallel and pointed. Straight kicks should always aim toward your nose (not your ears).


Please check back soon for additional information!!!