AHS Tallenettes Booster Club



Membership in the Allen Tallenettes Booster Club (“ATBC”) provides funding for:

·         Showcase - costumes, props, lighting, programs, choreographers, etc.

·         Competitions - costumes, props, travel expenses, assistance with entry fees, etc.

·         Tallenette Banquet, Line Camp expenses, ice cream social, and various other events

·         Dancer development - dance clinics, guest choreographers, workshops, etc. 

·         Many other Tallenette needs that come up throughout the year

Those who join ATBC, and have a daughter who is currently a Tallenette, will receive:  an ATBC name tag, an ATBC Directory/ies (based on membership level) and have voting privileges at all Booster Club meetings.

Levels of Membership 

  • Blue Membership (included 2 directories)        $150+
  • Red Membership (includes 1 directory)             $75-$149
  • White Membership (includes 1 directory)         $35-$74
  • Alumni Membership (no voting privileges)       $25

Additional ATBC Directory (Members Only), $15.00