Show your love for your community, our children, and the future by becoming a Tallenette Sponsor!


Who We Are

For over fifty years, the Allen Tallenettes, Allen High School’s drill team, have been enthusiastically supporting the City of Allen. Tallenettes perform at the varsity football games and pep rallies, the city’s Christmas parade, the annual holiday show, spring showcases, and several competitions. These talented young dancers and their families enhance our community with their dedication to excellence, contagious enthusiasm and generous spirit. 

Beyond the public eye, these groups of young women are held to exceptional scholastic and behavioral standards, and they train up to twenty hours per week, working with choreographers and their dance instructors, dedicated to honing their talent and skills. They also reach out into to the community by supporting veterans, collecting donations for a Texas orphanage, teaching drill team classes to young dancers, and participating in various volunteer work.

Why Our Tallenette Sponsors Are Vital to Our Success

 Training, hard work, and enthusiasm are essential, but only with the support of our community can we continue to achieve our goals.  We would like to invite you into our family as one of our sponsors. To thank you for your support, we offer a number of ways for us to promote your family, business or organization in the community, from signage at our events, to promotion and visibility via our social media, performance programs, t-shirts, and more. We want to share with our family, fans, and supporters that ­you are one of our Sponsors.

Promote your business, organization or family by becoming a Tallenette Sponsor today!

Sponsorship Benefits:

1.     Family/child’s name or business/organization name in our Winter and Spring Show programs along with recognition on our website.

2.     Tallenette Poster

3.     Social Media shout outs (once per quarter)

4.     Company logo or family name on back of all programs

5.     2 or 4 tickets to Winter and Spring Shows (depending on level)

6.     Digital advertising before both Winter and Spring shows

7.     Company logo or family name on back of various T-Shirts

8.     Business/organization name or family name announced as sponsor before home game half time performances

9.     2-4 Tallenettes available for your business/organization or family event (to be approved, determined, and coordinated in advance with team director)

We have various levels of sponsorships listed, but we deeply appreciate any support!


ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will receive a Donation Receipt.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution and interest in being a Tallenette Sponsor! 

We are grateful that you want to support our dancers to make a difference in our community.



For any additional questions, please email